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Wellness Services welcomed Nikita Alimohammad as the new assistant director of Wellness Services’ Education and Prevention. 

In this role, she will promote the well-being and success of Northwest students through educational programs and prevention services. 

Alimohammad replaced the previous position holder, BK Taylor. During Taylor’s time at Northwest, he put a large emphasis on creating an environment where students felt comfortable talking about mental health. He put as many new programs into action as possible to improve student engagement. Alimohammad said she hopes to continue this emphasis in her new position.

She also joined the Northwest Well-Being Steering Committee, which is a leadership team within Wellness Services that tries to create a campus environment that supports the community and their well-being.

Alimohammad has a master's degree from San Diego State University in public health - health promotion and behavioral sciences, and she is also a certified health education specialist. 

She joins Northwest from her previous position as the mental health and suicide prevention specialist at Washington State University.

Assistant Vice President of Health and Well-Being Chris Dawe assisted in hiring Alimohammad and said he is excited about adding her to the team.

“Nikita’s experience and knowledge in this field makes her a great match for this job and the Wellness Services team is confident that she is going to be a great asset to supporting the well-being of Northwest students,” Dawe said.

Wellness Services aids in the six dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, occupational, intellectual and spiritual. With a background in mental health promotion, Alimohammad said she hopes to add to the promotion of these areas with students.

“I am most excited about increasing student engagement at Northwest and getting students feeling well,” Alimohammad said. “The dimensions of wellness can get overwhelming sometimes for students, so I am most looking forward to helping ease that process so that students are feeling well, healthy and successful.”

Her new position started Sept. 20, where she began to provide her team with research, design, planning, implementation and evaluation of wellness education, and prevention programs and services. She will be working with 17 other members of the Wellness Services team at Northwest.

“As I have been here, listening to the students and just watching them interact, I have gradually started to work on creating ideas that are best fit for our campus,” Alimohammad said. “Something that is important to me is getting students engaged and knowledgeable about the appropriate information and resources.”

Northwest Wellness Services aims to get students engaged with their services so they can provide ample support. With Alimohammad joining the team, they are excited to see the new ideas she brings to the table and the possibility of implementing changes to help in all students’ success and well-being. 

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