Maryville City Council approved the municipal annual budget for the 2019 fiscal year. The budget was approved at a city council meeting Sept. 28 and is in effect Oct. 1, 2018 through Sept. 30, 2019.

The total budget is $27.6 million including reserves, revenue, expenditures and planned contingencies.

City Manager Greg McDanel said this approved budget allows for the continuation of providing basic services and major capital improvements.

A notable item in the Capital Improvement Fund is the construction of the Maryville Public Safety building, costing $4 million.

“The project will be located at the northeast corner of East First and North Vine and replace a 1970s era converted grocery store that is our current building,” McDanel said. “Our current facility is beyond its useful life and not adequate for today’s provision of law enforcement and fire services.”

Notable line items in the General Fund is $45,000 for outside legal counsel, $10,600 for fire service equipment replacement, $8,500 for police external body armor and $18,300 Skid Steer lease.

Some notable items out of the Water and Sewer Fund are $250,000 for South Market Street waterline project, $77,000 for algae treatment of Mozingo and $50,000 for water treatment improvements.

Notable items out of the Mozingo Lake Recreation Fund is $60,000 for marketing and advertising and $15,000 for fireworks.

McDanel said Maryville had more organizational requests for funding this fiscal year than ever before.

The Nodaway County Economic Development received $64,500, Great Nodaway Days received $1,500, Leadership Maryville received $1,000, New Nodaway Humane Society received $60,000, Maryville Public Arts Committee received $5,000 and the Farmers Market received $500 for funding.

Northwest Missouri Facilitation, Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Nodaway County Senior Center organizations did not receive funding.

“It is a misconception that the city of Maryville has a “pot of funding” to provide to organizational requests,” McDanel said. “Unfortunately, the city is prohibited by Missouri Constitution, Article 6, Section 23 from granting public money donating to a ‘cause’. After consultation with the Missouri Municipal League, the exceptions to this are with contractual services that align with our core services or clear sponsorship opportunities such as Leadership Maryville or Great Northwest Days.”

McDanel said there are crucial issues concerning revenue for the city of Maryville on the ballot for the upcoming Nov. 6 election

“First, the city has placed a Use Tax on the ballot to collect the local sales tax rate on online purchases from out-of-state vendors.,” McDanel said. “Currently, no local sales tax is being applied to purchases from out-of-state vendors, there will be a lot of information on this in the upcoming weeks. Second, the state of Missouri has a fuel tax increase on the ballot… These are very important issues for the community, which many other sources of municipal revenue are drying up.”

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