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Student Senate created a new position, announced a new ad-hoc committee and took nominations for senior class representatives during its meeting Tuesday.

Student Senate voted unanimously to amend its bylaws, creating a professional advancement liaison position. The PAL will be an appointed, non-voting position and is required to give a weekly report at the full student senate meetings consisting of upcoming career, networking and any other profession-based events occurring in the community on campus.

The position was introduced at the Nov. 13 meeting, after which some alterations were made to the wording of the amendment to maintain consistency with the rest of the bylaws.

Governmental Affairs Vice Chair sophomore Kirayle Jones said the position will benefit Northwest students by improving awareness of professional growth opportunities on campus.

“Governmental Affairs and some members of the executive board thought that this would be a good position because it connects students to what’s going on around the campus professionally,” Jones said. “The PAL will come out of the Career Services Office and work really closely with keeping us informed about how to shake hands, how to give presentations, what to wear to a job interview, things like that to help us when we’re getting ready to get out into the real world.”

Student Senate is creating an ad-hoc committee to decide how to use the carryover budget from last school year toward improving the campus. Student Senate has $12,091 leftover from last school year’s budget after drawing from it twice this semester.

Student Senate heard nominations for the two senior class representative positions, which will be vacant next semester after two senators graduate. Seniors TJ Johnson, Joseph Napp, Jacob Barnes and Khristian Nivens were nominated during the meeting.

The inclusion committee appropriated $1,500 of its $5,000 budget to the Indian Student Association for the dinner it’s hosting Dec. 1.

The public relations committee live-tweeted the meeting rather than streaming it on Facebook live for the second meeting in a row. Public Relations Chair Jacob Barnes said live-tweeting is not a permanent replacement for the livestream but will serve to inform the student body while the streaming setup is improved.

“A lot of people have liked (the live-tweets) and shared it, and it’s especially good for people who can’t attend the meetings, and people are always on Twitter,” Barnes said. “My plan for next semester is to get really good gear from Wells (Hall) and do a live production with multiple camera angles, a switcher so we can switch between angles, and I want to turn it into this awesome thing.”

Barnes said once the livestream comes back, Vice Chair Madi Cobb will live-tweet the meetings.

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