Taco Bell Drive Through

Maryville’s Taco Bell recently fixed the giant potholes in the drive through in order to provide customers with a smoother experience.

The Maryville Taco Bell has fixed the curbs and potholes in the drive-thru and is in the process of fixing the parking lot.

Northwest students have taken their frustrations out on Twitter about Taco Bell’s parking lot. Once Taco Bell began working on the drive-thru, students were relieved and tweeted about it.

Senior Clint Brummett tweeted Feb. 7, “BREAKING: Maryville Taco Bell is fixing the sinkholes in their drive-thru, miracles do happen.” Brummett’s tweet received 37 retweets and 421 likes.

Student Senate Representative and Public Relations Co-Chair senior Jacob Barnes said he made a tweet about Taco Bell’s drive-thru and then found out the drive-thru was being fixed.

“There was a video of a guy in a different country (Nepal), and he was driving across a mountain, and the road he was driving on was so small and narrow,” Barnes said. “I quoted it and said, ‘This is what it’s like leaving Taco Bell drive-thru in Maryville.’ It’s so slim, and it’s hard to get out of there. And the City Manager even liked it. Then they fixed it like a week later, so I think I’m the reason.”

Taco Bell General Manager Brandon White said they had to wait for the weather to improve before they could start fixing the drive-thru.

“We had to wait for a concrete plant to open up so we could fix the drive-thru,” White said. “When we found out we had to replace the whole thing, it was too late. It got this bad because of the weather. We also had to wait for the snow to clear off.”

White said they tried patching the potholes in the drive-thru but it didn’t last because of snowplows. The temporary patching of the potholes lasted a week, and then they officially fixed the drive-thru.

“The drive-thru is already done. A local company, Allen’s Concrete, provided the concrete,” White said.

Taco Bell Manager Monica Owens said there are still potholes when customers come into the parking lot, and that they have yet to repair the parking lot.

“When you go through the drive-thru, there are curbs so you can’t get out; it’s improved in there,” Owens said. “But when you’re pulling in off Main, into the parking lot, it’s bad.”

Northwest Freshman April Triplett said she hopes Taco Bell fixing their parking lot will encourage Maryville to fix their roads.

“Taco Bell fixing their drive-thru should influence Maryville to fix their roads because they’re hazardous,” Triplett said. “Me being the driver of a 2000 Monte Carlo, my car is too low to the ground. Maryville is going to owe me a new car.”

White is appreciative of customers being patient with them and apologizes for the delay in fixing the drive-thru.

“We thank everyone for their patience,, and we are sorry it got so bad,” White said.

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