Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

As reporters questioned Martin O'Malley repeatedly at a door-knocking event in Johnston, Iowa, Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, it became clear that his campaign has comic interests. Robert Smigel, and his alter-ego Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, were on hand to interview O'Malley supporters to figure out why anyone would "waste their time following this man." 

JOHSONTON, IOWA -- “I’m here to challenge you to do what Iowa does best, and shock the country.”

Amid questions about his long-term viability as a candidate, Martin O’Malley remained strong in his conviction that he could overcome the odds and topple the Democrat giants he faced in Monday’s Caucuses at a rally outside of a private home in Johnston, Iowa, Sunday afternoon.

The questions started at the Democratic town hall last week, where O’Malley received only half of the speaking time of his opponents. His last question asked who his supporters should caucus for when he didn’t receive 15 percent of the vote.

At the rally, O’Malley remained adamant that his candidacy was relevant and that Iowa voters could help him reach his goal of surprising the nation if they just went out and voted in the caucus.

“Iowa has a history of shocking the nation,” O’Malley said. “Jimmy Carter was not considered a viable candidate until he won Iowa, and then he rode his lead all the way to the White House.”

At the rally, O’Malley repeated his promises and his record as the governor of Maryland. He also mentioned his plan to address the student debt crisis.

But others still poked and prodded him about his viability, and one reporter asked what his plan was after the Iowa caucuses.

 “I would tell my supporters to never give up hope,” he said. “I’m confident their votes will propel me to victory on Monday night.”

Making an appearance at the rally was Sen. Michael Brown (D-DC) and Rep. Franklin Garcia (D-DC), who asked attendees and the former governor for their support in making the Congressional Representatives from the District of Columbia voting members.

“A just democracy should not be keeping a portion of its citizens silent,” Sen. Brown said. 

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