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An Illinois based band plays at a local dive bar with instruments made out of broken down home appliances. The bass guitar is made out of a washtub. One man plays the washboard. Another, a eucalyptus bamboo digeridoo. The band’s name is the Woodbox Gang and the lead singer, the man who made … Read more


The crippling sound of thunder echoes for miles. A once visible speed limit sign wavers, unstable. The foundation of a family’s world cracks with mother nature’s tantrum and they can do nothing but wade through. The road home, engulfed, unseen.

The Maryville Department of Public Safety- Fire Division brought a national campaign to the city by partnering with the American Red Cross to install and educate citizens on smoke alarms in their homes.

In spite of the warm breeze from the open window beckoning one student to enjoy the good weather in the final hours before the sun goes down on a Friday night, they sit in the quiet of their home, shaking even though the air conditioning isn’t on.

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will host the third Celebration of Success ceremony for multicultural graduates at 6:30 p.m. May 3 in the J.W. Jones Student Union Boardroom.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. At the Northwest Beekeeping Club Ribbon Cutting ceremony April 22, a handful of students and staff gathered to release bees on campus. As more than 24,000 bees were relocated from their shipment packages and into hives, the sound of bees flying around became background nois…

Shackled at both the feet and from the waist to his hands, Alex Allen Catterson sat as Judge Roger Prokes sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The Northwest Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is working to redefine its mission and purpose to be more inclusive.

As students with hoodies pulled low over their eyes and coffees in hand file into a computer science lab at 8 a.m. and begin logging in, their professor enters with spirits high, opening his lesson with a pun about pointers; showing a photo of the dogs when talking about an object that store…