On Tuesday, February 16, 2016 Nodaway County announced that the recently closed Mandarin Restaurant on South Main Street in Maryville, and was leased to the owners of El Maguey Mexican Restaurants. Many know that there is an El Magueys in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

Nodaway County Economic Development Director, Josh McKim, said in the Maryville Daily Forum El Maguey Mexican Restaurant chain is a separate corporate unit. 

El Maguey has recently been looking at open Maryville properties and when the Mandarin property came onto the market, they jumped on the chance to call it theirs. There has been a lot of talk on campus about Maryville having another Mexican restaurant in town and wonder if there will be some competition with El Maguey and La Bonita. 

A recent customer of El Maguey, sophomore, Jake Costanzo says, “It will expand the market for Hispanic food. Also, it could give the restaurants an opportunity to attract more people with the competition they will have with each other.”

La Bonita has been in Maryville for over several years and families and students love to eat there. 

Junior, Haley McCall, has eaten at El Maguey in the Kansas City area and really enjoyed it. “I think it’ll be great for Maryville to have two Mexican restaurants. It’ll give La Bonita a little friendly competition and give the community more options,” says McCall.


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