Since closing its doors on November 12, 2013, the Energizer plant has remained vacant.  Now that the building has sold, new questions have arisen about what that means for the city and for the building itself. 

The Maryville Daily Forum reported in December 2015 that the former Energizer plant had sold, not to an end user, but to the non-profit organization Mercy Foundation Group Inc., which specializes in marketing properties to potential redevelopers.  

The recent sale of the plant has Nodaway County residents wondering what will happen with the space, and some of them have ideas of their own as to what it should be used for.  

Kenzie Waldeier, a Maryville resident, said she would like to see it become an arcade.  

Samantha Raasch, a Wilcox resident, said she “would love to see them use it to make a center for disabled veterans,” adding “have part of the building as a job center where they can make things for the community and get paid or sell those things.”

City Manager Greg McDanel said he would like to see an industry of some sort enter the building, but “the 500,000 square footage could be a challenge, and finding a company willing to relocate to Maryville and fill the space.”

 McDanel offered a solution to the size of the space, saying that possibly more than one industry could separate the space.

When asked about the land surrounding the plant and what is going to be done with that, McDanel said that it had been leased out to local farmers while the facility was in production.  

It was recently announced that the adjoining land had been sold to Kirby and Rosemary Stiens and the Alan P. Steins Trust purchased the property, who have long farmed the property.

According to a story in the Maryville Daily Forum March 16, the adjacent land had all outstanding taxes paid by the Mercy Foundation, and it was sold separately from the plant, which remains on the market. 

The Maryville Daily Forum reported on March 3, 2016, that the taxes owed amounted to $234,162, with $129, 174 due to the Maryville R-II School District.  

The Maryville Daily Form also reported that the real estate property taxes were assigned to Mercy Foundation Group Inc. as part of the deal with Energizer. Efforts to contact Mercy Foundation Group Inc. have gone unanswered.

The building is still in the hands of Mercy Foundation Group Inc., as first reported by the Maryville Daily Forum.  

No doubt a step in the right direction, the uncertainty of what will go into the building and when is something that cannot be answered.


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