With a college town comes many college organizations that in turn want or need to volunteer, and it’s important for the community to recognize how much service Northwest students offer without asking for anything in return. 

Junior and President of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, Lacy Larsen, gave some insight on the subject. 

“From a college perspective, the amount of community service that [students] do is unremarkable,” Larsen said. “We do a lot. We just don’t publicize or brag about it.”

While many community members just recognize the bad that students do, there are also many that enjoy the presence of college students in their town. 

“I think the members of this community look at most college kids here and feed proud, at least in my experience,” said KXCV On-Air Announcer and student Rachel DeYoung.

It’s true. College students do like to have a little fun, but at what other time in their lives do they have to get it out of their systems? The real world is rapidly approaching and, for some, it’s already here. 

Sure, there are many students that make a mess Friday and Saturday nights with their cans and late-night Taco Bell trash on the sidewalk. But you bet that they’re going to be up bright and early Sunday morning, picking up after themselves for community service hours in their respectable organizations. It all evens out in the end.

There is also a large portion of college students who take part in donating to The Ministry Center. Organizations gather both on and off campus to collect donations ranging from clothing items to canned goods.

In November of 2014, The Northwest Student Dietetic Association presented a check for $1,000 to the Ministry Center representing funds from their annual 5K Neon Glow Run. 

The Ministry Center in town offers a variety of products to help those in need in the community. Not only that, it also relies on many donations. Through its website, the center provides some more insight on that.

“Donated food items are necessary because there is a limited range of items that we can purchase,” the site says.  “Your donations provide a variety of items that we can’t get otherwise.  They also ensure that our shelves are always full.”

Many students love to give their time and commitment to help others in the community.

“Anytime a business needs charitable help, they turn to college students, and we are more than happy to offer our service,” Larsen stated.

Through the New Nodaway Humane Society, volunteers are highly encouraged in order for “animals to receive one-on-one attention, socialization, and exercise that they need to make them ready to be adopted,” its website says.

Junior soccer player and Humane Society volunteer Cassie Phillips shared some insight: “The work done was so necessary and appreciated by the Humane Society. They’re an organization that only gives back to the community and the service hours spent there make such a difference!”

Northwest students get a bad rep for what they do a few nights out of the week. However, they don’t always get properly noticed for what they do seven days out of the week. 

Maryville Community Service does give back to the community whether that be highway clean-ups, clothing and canned goods donations, or interacting with animals up for adoption and Northwest students can be accounted for much of that.

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