I have experienced many hard parts as an international student living in another country. 

From adjusting to a new culture, making new friends, speaking/listening/writing in a different language, to catching up with other students in classes, and so on.

But among others, the hardest part is that I do not get to see my family and friends back home when I need them. Even though I have really close friends here, I can’t help but miss “my people” sometimes. Also, there is no place for me to go especially during holidays or breaks, which means I have to find my own way to survive! 

If you ask why don’t I just stay in Maryville, I would say no, no, no, no, no and no. That is not a good idea at all. I have spent winter in my dorm just once and it was a nightmare. There was no one in the building and the town and most of the restaurants were closed. Moreover, not many international students have cars, and neither do I. 

So, I had to buy enough food to make sure I would not starve to death alone in my dorm room. I was alright with that, but think about spending the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday alone. It was so lonely that you cannot even imagine. 

“There are some students that are ESL 


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