To many Maryville residents, it may be obvious that the town is undergoing a revitalization effort. 

Both Fourth and Ninth streets saw major improvements over the last summer, and many dilapidated residential buildings are being torn down. Despite all the housing progression, many commercial properties remain empty, and some have become eyesores to many in Maryville.

Each vacant property has a different reason as to why it is in its current situation. For instance, locations such as the previous Casey’s, Dairy Queen and Simply Siam building stand vacant because these businesses relocated to new buildings. 

But some buildings, such as Movie Magic on Third Street, have been vacant for so long that many of the newer residents are starting to wonder what was even there to begin with.

It may appear that many of these properties have a dim future with no hope in sight. 

Some properties have a brighter future in store, such as the old Mandarin restaurant that closed a year ago. Nodaway County Economic Development Director Josh McKim told the Maryville Forum that the location at 964 S. Main St. in Maryville has been leased to the owners of El Maguey restaurants, currently operating in St. Joseph and Cameron.  

“This is exciting to see a vacant building be repurposed and a new restaurant come to Maryville,” resident Alex Hesketh said.

To fill all these buildings in a timely manner, incentives are provided by the city. 

The Campus Town Redevelopment Incentive Program (CTRIP), which was designed to encourage high-density housing construction in older neighborhoods to the east of Northwest Missouri State University, has been expanded to the entire city.

However, it has not helped fill numerous vacant commercial properties. While the city does provide businesses incentives to locate to Maryville, those incentives don’t always pay off.

“With more programs aiming towards getting these old building cleaned up and appealing to business owners, I think any of these building can be repurposed,” resident Cash Middleton said.


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