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I will not be graduating Sumo Fort Lauderdale, and I truthfully don’t care. Northwest requires a 2.0 to graduate, so that is what I’m shooting for.

It's the first full week of classes, and I have no shame in saying that I have already received an email about missing the first day of classes. Here is my tip to the professors – don’t do that.

I get enjoyment out of my classmates seeing me in public and asking me if I am still enrolled in the class that we share. The answer is always yes, but I don’t care for attendance policies.

I turn my assignments in and I still pass the class – despite my third time enrolling in computers and info tech. No, I don’t get an A, or even a B for that matter, but hey, I’ll still walk across the stage, eventually.

No shame to the 4.0 kids at this school – the ones who don’t make it their only personality trait – because, go you. Personally, I would rather be watching Euphoria than sitting in my government class.

If my future employer is reading this, I promise I care about my job, just not school. I learn things here and there, but I can’t wrap my head around why it’s important for me to take general earth science when I will never care about isobars – ever.

Give me a break. As long as I graduate, I am on track for my life. The 4.0 can go to someone else, please count me absent in your class for three weeks and don’t email me about it. I am also aware that I was not there.

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