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I hear all this talk about Bearcats supporting one another, about how Bearcats uplift each other. Even those propaganda-stitched masks the University handed out say, “Bearcats Together.” But where is this energy when I play intramural softball?

I keep reading tweets from upset football fans lamenting the loss of this season and reading articles in this very newspaper about how athletes are weathering the fall without sports. But sports are still happening, people. Intramural softball is happening every Monday.

It’s sad knowing that college athletes are essentially having to put their lives on hold an extra year as they deal with the effects of COVID-19, knowing they have to keep training for a season that isn’t happening. But you know what’s more sad than that? The fact that no one is watching me bat clean up for the fifth best co-ed intramural softball team this University has to offer.

I can’t stand the thought of hitting another infield triple without bleachers full of fans cheering me on. And how many times do I have to lay out for a routine flyball before people start to take notice? That’s hard enough to do playing catcher. I feel like I deserve some recognition.

So far, the only fans in the stand have been my teammates’ girlfriends, who, honestly, might just be there to flirt with me. Can’t tell.

But, come on, guys. Almost every other event and student organization has been moved online. Every other collegiate sport has been canceled. You’re dying for live sports, and I’m offering a solution. Our roster is the best kept secret on campus. And playoffs start next week.

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