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I have come to realize that parking in general is kinda the worst, but specifically parking on campus is another topic. I compiled a list of things that drive me absolutely insane while I am attempting to park in these peanut-sized lots. 

First and foremost, the Kia Soul. Maybe those of you who drive these don’t realize this, but let me make one thing clear, you are terrorizing each and everyone of us. Just when we think we have found a parking spot, there you are. I’m not sure why each of you decided to park next to the largest vehicle in the lot, but your hiding has cost me sleepless nights.

Speaking of the largest vehicle in the lot, don’t buy it if you can’t drive or park it. Yes, I’m talking about the unnecessarily large trucks that people claim they need. Whatever your excuse is that you bought a truck that costs you more than tuition, it doesn’t excuse your horrible parking. Your truck fits in the spot, don’t try to overcompensate like you did when you bought the thing. 

Residents of Northwest, this is my formal complaint that y’all are annoying. Not just because you are freshmen, but mainly because you think that you need to drive to classes. You have the pleasure of already living on campus, use your legs and walk to class. 

My last and final pain of parking on this campus is that when people are walking through parking lots, each and everyone of you insist on not looking where you are going. You stare into the depths of your phone and just walk. You will pop out from behind a car and give me a dirty look when I almost hit you. If you want to be hit by a car, ask first.

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