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Apple finally released iOS 16, and I’m gonna be completely honest with you, it was a let down. It was a tragedy, but nonetheless, they managed to get one thing right — allowing me to unsend text messages. I am about to become a menace to society, and it’s all Apple’s fault.

I already love being able to turn on a focus mode that gives people a little blue message that says I am not taking any messages at the moment. Now, I can be even more petty? Sign me up.

If there is one reason I love using Snapchat, it's that I can send whatever I want, delete the message and watch people become bothered. It is such a power move to delete a message and then say “it’s nothing.”

I am about to terrorize everyone that I know by simply hitting unsend on a text and then watching their anxiety unfold into seven different “why did you delete that?” texts from them. 

I know it's malicious, and I would hate to be on the receiving end, but when you give me an opportunity like this, there is no way I’m not taking it. 

But then wait, get this, imagine you ask why I unsent it and my read receipts are on, so I just leave you on read. Dude, the amount of power. You might be shriveling into anxiety, I on the other hand am evil laughing like I am about to create a device to destroy the world.

Don’t even get me started on drunk texts. You’re telling me I can send a message that I know I will regret, and my best friend can actually fix the problem by just deleting it? This is what I have been waiting for. 

I know Snapchat has had this for years, but it isn’t the same — my ex is blocked on Snapchat. Texting is, and forever will be, more formal than Snapchat, so having this feature is a dangerous game to play. I am not sorry for whatever actions I am about to endure. 

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