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As upperclassmen, we spent the entire summer dreading this exact week. We watched every day pass, getting closer to the moment we would actually have to be in a classroom. 

Freshman on the other hand are walking around campus with their backpack hanging off one shoulder, a smile and wearing the clothes they bought for the new school year. I miss those days.

If I could have that mindset all over again, I completely would. I want to go to the store again and throw a bunch of dorm decorations in my cart. Now, I am buying more Excedrin and Redbull than food most days. 

I can’t even remember the last time I wore anything nicer than a t-shirt and a pair of pants — not sure if my closet even has anything outside of that. 

I apologize if I do a double take as you walk by with a backpack hanging off your shoulder.  I walk to class with three textbooks, a laptop and maybe one pen at best in my bag. The only thing not making me break down on the sidewalk is the blaring music in my ears from the AirPods that I’ve had for over six years.

I promise I am not trying to scare the freshman, but someone has to tell them that college is not all rainbows and sunshine — it's more, screaming birds and tornado sirens. 

Enjoy your first year here, go to tailgates, bars and house parties. Because after this year, you’ll find yourself shocked to even be awake by the time the bars open.

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