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It’s already started. Leaves are turning and falling off the trees. Days are getting shorter and shorter with each one that passes. Hoodies and jackets are being whisked out of armoires in lieu of T-shirts and shorts. In some homes, the sounds of the season are already playing, even though it’s only mid-October. Yeah. I might be that person.

Look, I’m not as idiotic as I seem. It’s been a long, hard, ominous-looking year for all of us. I don’t care who you are; this pandemic has got all of us searching for something to boost the mood and forget all the crap in our lives, even if only for a few minutes. The Christmas season brings that joy and solace to people in a way no other occasion or time of year can. Just think about it. Why delay the fun and good cheer when we need it now more than ever before?

If you’re anything like me, relying on your favorite holiday tunes acts as an escape from everyday life. When Andy Williams or The Carpenters’ Christmas albums start playing, I’m instantly taken back to the carefree days of my youth, often reminiscing with a hot beverage in my hand and wishing there was a fireplace in front of me. Baking up some sugar cookies is another surefire way to get in the holiday mood, especially if you have red and green frosting or icing to boot.

This seems obvious, but decorations are essential to helping spread that holiday cheer. It doesn’t have to be fancy or overdone, and your neighbors might hate you for it, but still, some garland and a small tree is better than nothing.

Am I crazy? Maybe. Have I just used this space as an excuse to talk about the holidays a couple months ahead of schedule? Yes. Yes, I have. But between the decorations, treats, festive music and time spent with those you love and care for, am I in the wrong for saying it’s not too early? That, my friend, is for you to decide.

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