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What even is this week supposed to be? All week I have felt like I woke up from a nap at 9 p.m. and have no recollection of where I am or what I am supposed to be doing. The weird purgatory-like state we are in this week between the worlds of finals week and break is almost too much for my caffeine-riddled brain to handle.

Firstly, am I supposed to be doing stuff or not doing stuff? Yeah, I know I have finals to study for, but I have like all of the last 45 minutes before I have to take those tests to cram, so I’m not starting that early. Every morning I wake up and feel as though I need to go to class or complete assignments only to get on Canvas and be reminded that we do not in fact have new assignments. To keep me somewhat occupied, I have actually started filling out course evaluations. I do one a day so as to not overwhelm myself.

Secondly, where are all the people? You all thought I loved the last 5 days with my parents, so I will just stay here and never come back to campus before the next break. What? Does your family have a healthy relationship or something? This is ridiculous.

Maryville is an absolute ghost town — It’s like that one scene in every western where the one street in town is empty and a tumbleweed rolls by, except it lasts weeks instead of seconds — right now, and the air outside just feels depressing. Townies that deal with this all the time, you guys are real troopers. 

The campus is not immune to the dead atmosphere either. To me, it resembles what I would imagine Missouri Western’s campus is like during its busiest times. Parking lots are 85% empty, and the only people actually here are the ones who are paid to be. The Grinch — the guy from the beginning of the movie not the lovey-dovey boring one at the end — would approve of the lack of holiday cheer.

Lastly, will this happen every semester? I hope so because this weird state that the town and campus are in is the most interesting thing that has happened since I came here.

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