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I love hearing about boycotts of professional sports. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people really sticking it to the man in the comment sections of pro football and basketball teams.

The pure elation that comes from seeing a score update from the Kansas City Chiefs followed by a comment that says “I can no longer support the Chiefs. KEEP POLITICS OUT OF SPORTS!” is unmatched. You go dude. You’re really doing it.

The National Football League is trembling in its boots because angry, middle-aged, white guy No. 65 has told them he is no longer watching football. It’s time for a change, and this guy is determined to be the one to do it. Who cares if they bring in billions of dollars a year? This one guy isn’t gonna watch their games on the cable channel that he already pays for and will no longer wear the merchandise that he already purchased.

The best part is that it’s the laziest form of protest possible. I’m tired of having to march in the streets, call my local government officials and organize sit-ins. It’s so much simpler to make a bland comment under a social media post, and it’s an easy way to get engagements. And so what if he doesn’t completely stick to it? Boycotting your favorite football or basketball team doesn’t mean you can’t constantly check social media for updates and continue to follow the team.

And sure, it’s OK if you actually end up watching games later on in the season, you know, just in case the team’s actually really good. It’s the original message about keeping politics out of sports — unless it’s politics you agree with, of course — and you did a great job. So, please keep us updated on your super meaningful boycott every week. I’m sure it won’t be a bad look in the future.

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