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Fall is a time to bring people together. The holidays are upon us, and the holidays are supposed to be to bring people together. Instead of coming together, students are ignoring each other. Fall is here, and it makes our campus twice as beautiful. So why, if it’s so beautiful, do students i… Read more

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So I came home from spring break to find my roommate busy unpacking clothes and home-baked cookies from his mom while studying for tests and stuff, but I had to tell him about how off the hook my spring break was. It was legen (wait for it) dary and never to be duplicated! Hahaha! That will … Read more

My dorm room is supposed to be a place where I can relax after a long day. However, my refuge is lost when you and your boyfriend on the other bed can’t stop touching each other.

When it comes to dishes, it’s a simple equation: water, plus soap, plus elbow work equals clean dishes. For some unfathomable reason though, this simply hasn’t sunk in to some people’s heads.

After nights of mindlessly doing busy work because a professor is too lazy to teach me, and days of sitting in classes filled with morbid silence because the professor refuses to teach the concept, I can confidently say I despise the flipped classroom model.