I forgot, over the summer, that there was a third Casey’s General Store coming to Maryville, so when I drove down Main Street from Highway 71 on move-in day, getting ready for my sophomore year, I was thrilled.

We’ve all walked out of the Union, ice cream in hand, chatting it up with friends as we head to the parking lot. It’s sunny, the birds are chirping the songs of angels, and everything is as beautiful as it’s ever been. 

With the end of the year comes panic, both over finals and finalizing last minute details as people prepare to move for the summer. Everything should be going smoothly, but instead we’re sitting here wondering why a stranger is in our house.

Bearcats, let’s be honest; we all have that one friend who just won’t shut up about the same problems. If I have to hear one more time about how your roommate puts the toilet paper on backwards, I don’t think we can have lunch anymore.

Hidden beneath sinks, stowed behind cartons of milk and stashed in unused trash cans, we all know it’s there. Most of the students living in Forest Village Apartments have alcohol stored away like we are Al Capone during the height of the 1920s.

When people refuse to respond to certain forms of communication, it makes you wonder just how advanced we’ve become.