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Country music has never been my cup of tea or glass of sweet tea, I guess. Get it? Because rednecks drink sweet tea. Anyway, I don’t usually like it mainly for the fact that it generally doesn’t sound good. I am somewhat of a stickler when it comes to music taste as I prefer it to be pleasant to my ears. But for some reason now, I have recently gotten into country music and I hate myself for it.

Maybe it happened because I am in a vulnerable state due to the exhaustion from the not-yet full week of classes I’ve endured, but George Strait is really starting to hit different. Is that, like, how listening to country music works? Do you need to be in an emotionally vulnerable state to relate to a middle-aged white man talking about his truck?

It all started because of the disgusting hodgepodge that is my daily mix on Spotify. Apparently, Morgan Wallen and Khalid share some similarities in their styles — they both sing — and I ended up going down a rabbit hole.

I’m actually currently in a full-tilt yee-haw downward spiral. I haven’t started to chew because I have an interest in being considered attractive in the future, but I have begun packing my lip with food while eating. It’s kinda fun, honestly. 

One of the four pillars of my personality was that I didn’t listen to country music, and now that pillar is a pile of rubble. My whole personality and outlook on life have changed. Maybe I’ll buy a truck and care about corn. Anyway, I’m going to listen to “Amarillo by Morning” for the seventh time today. Yee-yee.

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