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Students can access Northwest Movies as a free alternative to Netflix when on campus. There are several options available that are not shown on other movie subscription services and students can vote for movies they want to see in the next month.

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become part of everyday life. Northwest has a streaming service of its own. The website Northwest Movies has an entire collection of movies that students can access for free.

As long as students are connected to Northwest’s wifi, they can watch hundreds of movies online through the website. On Northwest Movies, students will find some of aging classics, such as E.T. and The Little Rascals, along with quite a few new releases. 

From laugh-out-loud comedies to tear-jerking dramas to nail-biting thrillers, students can find virtually anything they want on Northwest Movies.

The platform is convenient for students living on campus, because students can watch movies in their dorms at any time of day. If someone is tired of scrolling through the same movies and TV shows on Netflix over and over, Northwest Movies is a free alternative.

“I like how Northwest Movies has a variety of genres,” freshman Sydnie Platt said. “I love to watch movies of all kinds, so I can always pull up Northwest Movies and find something to watch that suits my mood.”

It may seem like it’s only for students living on campus, but it’s also a convenient amenity for students living off-campus. Off-campus students can access Northwest Movies when they have a couple of hours between classes. For both on-campus and off-campus students, it’s an amenity that can give a much needed break after hours of studying in the library.

“When I have long study session, I like to turn on Northwest Movies as it gives me a break from the stress of homework,” Platt said..

The service is also used by resident assistants when they want to host a movie night social. It’s a way that they can entertain their residents without having to spend money.

“I like using ResLife Cinema for several reasons,” Lindsay McQuinn, a senior South Complex resident assistant, said in an email. “There is a wide variety of movies and TV shows to choose from so you can find something that everybody likes. You can even vote on what movies and TV shows you would like to be added to ResLife cinema the following month. It is also convenient that you can watch it on your phone or laptop.”

As McQuinn said, students can vote on what is added to Northwest Movies each month, so if a student isn’t interested in any of the movies that are available right now, they can give their opinion on what should be added next month. 

“I love using this service for my social programs because my residents are able to find a movie that they all can agree on to watch,” McQuinn said. “I just have to hook my laptop up to a projector to get a big screen. They can then use ResLife Cinema on their own time after seeing how it works.”

Northwest Movies has a lot of movies that have come out in the past few years. For those looking to watch a romantic drama, new additions in that genre include “Me Before You” and “Adrift.”

For those that prefer something with more excitement, “12 strong,” “American Assassin” and “Cold Pursuit” are a couple movies that were recently added to the action section.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of movies on the website. Northwest Movies has a variety of films, from new releases to aging classics, and students on and off campus can take advantage of this service.


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