Kayla Benton (DIY)

Freshman Kayla Benton paints a pumpkin Sept. 12 at the SAC DIY night. 

The Towerview Room is filled with the smell of sugar and cinnamon as students make sugar scrubs and hand-painted chalkboards in preparation for fall at Student Activities Council’s DIY Night. 

DIY Night was held for the second time this year Sept. 12 and is available to students to create seasonal decorations and other crafts to decorate their home or dorms.

DIY Night was planned by SAC Director of Special Events Programming Brittany Poage as a quick replacement for the cancellation of scheduled comedian, Nimesh Patel, who cancelled due to scheduling issues.

“We offered around three or four projects for students to do and craft themselves,” Poage said. “People kept asking us to bring it back a lot, so we decided it was a good time to do so.”

Students had the option to create chalkboards, paint pumpkins and create door decorations in fall themes.

The first DIY Night was held during Advantage Week and had more than 200 students in attendance. It was hosted on the second floor of the Union and had different crafts to make such as floor mats. 

Freshman Rhebe Fullbright attended the first and second DIY Night and had a few issues with both.

“There was no room for anything at all,” Fullbright said. “Everybody was pushing people, and if you didn’t get a chair when you got there, you were just in the way.” 

Fullbright felt that the second DIY Night was an improvement with less people and more crafting materials to be used. 

“Being creative and making stuff with my friends is really fun,” senior Elisa Greer said, after she attempted to create pumpkin pom-poms. “It wasn’t as messy as the other DIY event was, so I think it was good.”

First-time attendees of DIY Night had a more optimistic view of the event.

“It was really fun for me,” sophomore Emma Moesch said. “I didn’t really know what I was going into, but I wanted to get out of my room and socialize.”

Overall, students agreed that the second DIY Night was better, but they also felt that the SAC members did not fully engage in the activities during DIY Night.

“I feel like they should have been doing it with us,” Freshman Saudia Williams said. “They looked like they were bored and didn’t want to be there.” 

Williams went on to describe how the SAC members would socialize with each other instead of helping students looking for instruction.

“It was kind of a thrown-together event,” Poage said. “But we have been trying to put this together the best that we can.”

While students had their complaints, they did feel that DIY Night was a good introduction to fall and a great way to get Northwest ready for the fall season in style.

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