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Ice, snow and general wear and tear have become synonymous with winter and has caused potholes to form throughout campus and in town.

Since the beginning of the spring semester, there have been at least 10 to 15 new potholes I have discovered the hard way. I have a small car, so hitting giant potholes every quarter mile does serious damage to my vehicle and other vehicles like it.

Campus is by the far the worst in terms of potholes for my vehicle, especially outside of Wells Hall and Valk Center where there is traffic throughout the day.

It needs to be fixed, but nothing is being done about it. At this rate, people are going to need new tires after going through all of the potholes. The issue is not confined to campus either. The potholes are to the point where even swerving to avoid them is not enough to spare a tire from hitting it.

I know it is difficult to make repairs during the winter, but potholes make the roads almost as bad as major cities. Whenever I drive through one I am terrified that it will be the final nail in killing one of my tires. As college students, most of us cannot afford to get a new tire in the middle of the semester.

It is one of the many downsides of Maryville winter because people need to drive places and the risk of popping a tire made me want to stay on campus. Someone fix the potholes so I can stop hitting my head on the ceiling of my car every time I hit one.

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