With people driving like there’s no tomorrow, I’m just like, “Jesus, take the wheel.”

Lately whenever I’m out driving, I feel like I’m also constantly praying that I’ll make it to the apartment safely.

It seems everybody driving around Maryville has taken it upon themselves to start “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” Maryville edition.

The amount of times people have cut me off is innumerable and the amount of bad drivers is beyond any number.

It’s like people are going to miss some big food promotion if they don’t get to where they need to be right then and there. When the cops pull you over for driving too fast, I don’t think saying, “But I need to get the last Szechuan sauce from McDonald's,” will work.

A simple solution to this is to get off your lazy butt and get going. Instead of acting like you’re on a speedway, act like your house is on fire instead. I didn’t come to Northwest to be a NASCAR driver.

Drivers taking certain precautions never hurt anybody, unless you count the old granny who has caused wrecks by driving slower than slugs in a puddle of molasses.

It’s not even like I’m not used to seeing bad drivers either. I have driven my fair share of roads from Kansas City, Missouri, to Columbia, Missouri, but Maryville drivers are just a different kind of layer I can’t handle.

Especially during the winter, why would people want to be more aggressive driving when the roads are literal ice? Is it just me? Surely, I’m not the only one who sees the sudden bursts of speed to get through a stop light, or the sudden swing of a car as they skirt their way in front of me.

If you really wanted to get in front so badly, then you should have just called me. I would have gladly stayed inside for the day.

What do people think they’re trying to prove? They must have infinite lives to be driving dangerously on already iced up roads. It makes about as much sense as two plus two equals five.

I will be honestly surprised to see if everybody is still alive in Maryville with the amount of overly-confident drivers.

We might just drive ourselves into a rut if we continue on this dangerous path.


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