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Northwest boasts over 200 student organizations, according to the University website. These organizations include anything from academic organizations to Greek Life on campus. Greek Life rush weeks are major events for the beginning of fall and spring semesters, but they are not the only ones who are looking for new recruits each semester.

Comedy Inc.

Comedy Inc. is a comedy group that has been at Northwest since the early 2000s according to President Krysta Ott. Ott described the club as a mix of all comedy forms from stand up to improv to sketch comedy. 

“If you think like ‘SNL’ plus ‘Whose Line is it Anyway,’ those are two popular TV shows, it’s (Comedy Inc.) a combination of that,” Ott said.

Comedy Inc. hopes to help educate people on performing comedy and improv through lessons and skits at their weekly meetings. Ott encouraged to come and watch even if they do not want to perform because the goal of the club is to make people laugh.

“If you are having a really bad day, it’s like the best place to be because laughter is the best medicine,” Ott said.

Comedy Inc. meets at 5 p.m. Wednesdays in the Ron Houston Center. Ott is hoping to further increase the group’s outreach outside of the theater department. Comedy Inc. averages about 20-30 attendees at each week’s meeting, most of those coming from within the theater department.

Ott is looking to combat low participation by renting tables in the Union, having more accessible posters and increasing the club’s social media presence. Comedy Inc. hosts a few large events throughout the year including a large improv show and a lip sync battle in the spring.


Spiritually Involved Sisters Together Achieving Harmony or SISTAH is an organization for women of minorities on Northwest’s campus. SISTAH has been at Northwest for over ten years now according to SISTAH President Infiniti Anderson.

“Our goal is to basically have a safe haven for everyone to voice their opinions and also make sisterhood friends for the years to come,” the group’s secretary, Lara Watson said.

 Watson, a transfer student from the University of Oregon, said that SISTAH gave her a safe place where she felt comfortable at Northwest.

“I actually feel comfortable voicing my opinion and like I know none of them are going to be sitting there judging me,” Watson said.

SISTAH meets at 6 p.m. Thursday nights in the Union. The meetings normally go over one specific topic, with a slide presentation from one of the members. The floor is open to anyone that has anything to say on the topic. Watson said that SISTAH only has one simple requirement for showing up to meetings.

“Bring yourself, bring a friend, just come sit down and be willing to interact with us,” Watson said.

SISTAH is mostly comprised of African American women on campus with some other minorities and a few international students sprinkled in. Watson wants to put an emphasis on getting more international students involved in the organization because she feels they are often overlooked during organization recruitment. 

“The population on campus is not really at ease to approach them and be like ‘hey come to our thing,’” Watson said.

Watson has seen the group membership increase drastically from last year to this year and hopes this trend continues.

Sigma Society

Sigma Society is a female service organization that is exclusive to Northwest and will be celebrating 50 years on the campus of Northwest this spring. Co-Recruitment Officer Alexis Riggs says Sigma Society is about getting female students serving and involved.

“We just want to get involved in our community and better our community any way that we can,” Riggs said. 

Riggs estimated there are about 100 service opportunities for members of Sigma Society every year. Riggs said the requirements for Sigma Society are pretty straightforward. 

“As long as you are committed to getting your service hours and committed to sisterhood you are in,” Riggs said.

Sigma Society has a rush week similar to greek life. They expect a rather large turnout. The organization already includes over 150 members and they have over 100 “potential active members” or PAMs on the email list according to Riggs.

Sigma Society held rush week Sept. 4-8. The rush week consisted of many different events from a service night to a panel where PAMs could ask questions to a group of current members.

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