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It is barely 30 degrees outside, so it’s better to stay home where it is around 68 degrees. Stay indoors as much as possible. There is no risk of being cold and miserable by staying on a couch under a fleece blanket during your free time.

College snow days are rare, especially at Northwest, so the odds are that you will have to travel to class with snow and ice on the ground.

Commuting students should leave at least 15 minutes earlier than normal to allow time for any problems that may arise.

Ice skating can be fun, but not in vehicles on the road. Driving in slippery conditions is already stressful enough, so being rushed will only make it worse.

Getting to campus is only one part of the travel agenda. Walking to class is another matter, which is another reason to leave even earlier. Having plenty of travel time will minimize the likelihood that you’ll slip and spill your venti Starbucks drink all over yourself.

Pay attention to where you’re going. That Snapchat or text message can wait until you are in a building.

Another great way to get through the brutal winter is buying in bulk.

With roads being a nightmare since they may never clear up with snow predicted every weekend, limit the shopping trips.

People may gawk at your five cases of Ramen and six bags of popcorn, but it’ll be worth it because you’re the one making the smart decision to stock up on supplies.

Aside from bulking up, drinking hot chocolate is both a delicious and healthy option.

The antioxidants found in hot chocolate boost the immune system and have been associated with a longer life and weight management. Although drinking a sweet drink may seem counterintuitive to watching weight, hot cocoa could be the answer to combatting the Freshman 15 or Sophomore 30.

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