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Cancel culture is a big thing in today’s age. Why can’t we cancel toxic masculinity?

Coming from a woman, I beg every man to start being themselves. I know you grew up expected to rub dirt on your skinned knee and get back to playing the sport your dad made you watch every Sunday — by the way, other sports exist. 

Although I couldn’t care less about your — more than boring — favorite TV show, I would rather hear about that than your fantasy football team. I like football, but I don’t make it my personality.

I know you watched the “All Too Well” short film, just admit it, you liked it. There is no reason you have to walk around pretending not to like things because “the bros” and society tell you not to. I’d rather you shed a tear than shed light on your overcompensated ego. It’s okay to be vulnerable even though you’ve always been told to “take it like a man.”

By the way, it’s completely normal to not talk about your high school athleticism. Close the yearbook dude, girls don’t care that you were a linebacker in high school, we care that you actually appreciate women instead of putting them down. 

You aren’t obligated to shotgun the entire can during beer darts in five seconds — take a break, let's be honest, it hurts to do that. Women are not debating whether or not we want to date you based off of your shotgun record.

All jokes aside, women are attracted to honest, respectful and caring men who are confident in their masculinity no matter how much or how little there is. Don’t be the man you are expected to be, be the man you want to be. Besides, carrying around a Gatorade bottle to prove that you are athletic is something that we also did when we played club sports in elementary school.

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