Souper Bonanza

Brightly colored tortilla strips garnish a bowl of poblano cheese soup, one of Souper Bonanza's most popular, which is frequently enjoyed by college students and community members alike during the winter months at A&G Restaurant.

Established by George Groumoutis over 40 years ago, A&G Restaurant has been family-owned since 1975. Home to a variety of Greek dishes, A&G is a favorite among Maryville residents and college students.

This family-owned restaurant started its Souper Bonanza in the first week of October. That’s right — A&G Restaurant has been offering all you can eat soups, salads and breadsticks since the fall for $8.95.

Deno Groumoutis, the general manager of the restaurant, said the majority of the soups are homemade and have been for the last 10 years. The joyous taste of a different variety of soups such as poblano cheese, vegetable beef, French onion and more are included in the Souper Bonanza special. This deal is offered from 11a.m. to 2p.m. on weekdays featuring different soups each day.

“The Souper Bonanza is not only geared toward local residents but also for college students,” Groumoutis said. “It’s something different for them, a way to fill them up.”

Luke Sanders, a graduate student who works for Northwest Athletics, is a regular customer at A&G.

“I usually go once every week or two,” Sanders said. “But I go a lot more during the Souper Bonanza, like once a week.”

Sanders recommends to try all the soups at some point. While his friends prefer the lasagna soup, Sanders’ favorite soups are the baked potato soup or the poblano cheese. Not only does Sanders enjoy the healthiness of the food, he also appreciates the price.

“It’s a cheap way to eat a lot of food,” Sanders said. “It’s $9.00, so it’s positive for both your bank account and your health.”

Sanders also explained that because of the price and the amount of food that is available, the Souper Bonanza is a value to college students more than the community.

“People walk in and find a bunch of college students there, because they found something they can afford to eat,” Sanders said.

Sanders would recommend any college student to go since the Souper Bonanza is a way of offering college students a much healthier and cheaper way to eat different kinds of soups, salads and breadsticks.

Sanders usually goes with his friends during the lunch hour to participate in the Souper Bonanza. The prime time for Sanders to enjoy his soup is at either at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. but never at 12.

“There’s a science to it,” he said.

This tasty deal has caught the eye of many of the college students on the Northwest campus, but that is not the only purpose it has served. The Souper Bonanza has also been able to assist the St. Francis Hospital organization. In Dec. 3, A&G had its fourth annual Giving Tuesday Event for St. Francis Hospital. This event involves multiple donors giving a dollar for every soup that was purchased on Dec. 3rd to the St. Francis Hospital organization.

The Souper Bonanza has been beneficial to both the community and college students. This daily lunchtime offer, however, is only available yearly from October through March.

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