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Wellness Services kicked off a semester of workshops with a slim number of attendees. Multiple workshops didn’t have any students present.

The counselors and staff members at Wellness Services predicted a slow start to the year, especially with Labor Day and the organization fair being in the same week.

Assistant Director of Wellness Services and nurse practitioner Judy Frueh explained they have about 14 types of workshops scheduled for the semester, the majority of which are brand new. They knew it would take time for students to discover all the resources available.

Wellness Services partnered with various campus organizations like Residential Life, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and University Seminar to spread awareness for these events.

Workshops that were offered this week included Wellness Wisdom, Meditation, #Relationships, Wellness Wednesday, Dare to Self-Care, everyBODY, Anxiety Busters and Bearcats Through Thick and Thin. Many had less than five students attending, if any.

When no one showed up to #Relationships, counselor Dana Mallett explained that she wasn’t too surprised.

“I’m not sure why they scheduled this clinic for this time,” Mallet said. “Most students have class at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays.”

Thursday, Frueh also pointed out the weather could also impact attendance.

“Students might know about our workshops, but with this misty weather, it’s easy to change their minds about coming,” Frueh said.

Frueh presented Dare to Self-Care 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sept. 6, hoping to help students develop coping skills for new experiences and stress. The workshop will be available every Thursday to cover different topics like sleep and nutrition to help students deal with their busy college workloads.

“Plus it’s important to have some fun,” Frueh said.

Gabriela Garcia-Adams was the only person to attend Frueh’s workshop. She is a teacher's assistant for spanish and biology and already felt stressed in the second week. She found out about the event through the online calendar.

“It’s important to develop good habits now, before our workload gets too high,” Garcia-Adams said. “It’s probably hard to get students in at this time, though, with classes and everything.”

Counselor Rachel Mayfield presented Anxiety Busters to two students Friday. She had packets prepared which held many tools to deal with social anxiety.

“This is what you want it to be,” Mayfield said. “We want this to be helpful to you.”

The two students who attended the presentation were sophomores Catlyn Brady and Brandon Hallock, who thought the workshop sounded like it could be applicable to them.

Brady had seen the workshop schedule online. Hallock had seen the calendar in the Wellness Services office while he was inquiring about scheduling appointments with counselors. They briefly filled out the packets and took them home afterward.

“It’s important to take something from the workshops,” Mayfield said. “Tools are here for you to do what you want with it. They’re meant to help you when you aren’t able to see a counselor right away.”

Upon reflecting on the lack of attendance, Mayfield said she hadn’t been expecting many students to come because this is the first year Wellness Services is putting on 14 different workshops.

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