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It is 2018, and even with all of the strides made by our society to be politically correct and civil, the issue of race is still being dealt with every single day. It is ridiculous that people are still being judged for the color of their skin.

America is a melting pot of many different, diverse groups of people, but this is not enough for our modern culture. People are still being generalized by the color of their skin on a day to day basis.

Why does this continue to plague our campus, our community and our country? We are all human beings that are just trying to survive.

We are the future for this country, and if we cannot solve this problem, how are we as the next generation going to run this country?

It is our time to make a change. It is our time to stand for equality. This is our time to make a difference, not just standing by and letting things happen and watching as groups of people are oppressed because of their skin color.

While it may seem like a lot resting on our shoulders, it is an issue that we are already dealing with and it is not going away any time soon. A challenge for this year is to work on being more accepting of all races. This challenge is not only for someone on a personal level but also one to be taken on a societal level, so keep that in mind as the semester progresses.

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