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Student Activities Council’s comedy event with Jackie Tohn set for Dec. 7 was canceled due to a conflict in scheduling.

Aside from comedy, Tohn is a musician and actress. She couldn’t make it to Northwest because the date conflicted with her filming schedule for the Netflix series “Glow.”

SAC Director of Special Events Programming Erin Fleharty booked Tohn last February at the National Association of Campus Activities Convention.

Fleharty was excited to bring Tohn to campus for her unique style.

“The cool thing about Jackie is that she is not only a comedian but she’s also a musician, so she brings music to her performances which is even better and entertaining,” Fleharty said. “We’ve never really seen a comedian do that with music. We thought that would be great.”

With the music aspect of the performance, Fleharty was hoping to reach a wider variety of students.

In times of cancellation, SAC members take down flyers promoting the event and make announcements about the cancellation of the event. They posted a note on the promotional poster in the Student Union and made an announcement on Twitter.

SAC usually reschedules the event if it is possible on both ends. However, SAC couldn’t find another time to book Tohn due to her busy filming schedule and a large number of events SAC has already planned next semester.

Tohn would have been the third performer for the SAC comedy series which started with Sara Schaefer who was then followed by Jessi Campbell. This is the first year SAC has created an official series with comedians.

“When we went to NACA, we saw a bunch of comedians,” Fleharty said. “We decided to make a series and get it started to get SAC’s name on there and maybe have that something we do yearly.”

Fleharty wanted to bring the comedy series to campus because it would be new. SAC had brought comedians to campus before but not six in one year. She said the executive board members all feel better after a laugh so she wanted to share it with students.

“Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?” Fleharty said. “No matter if you’re stressed or sad or not having a great week. It’ll relieve some pressure for students to come and enjoy a 60-minute show and get to know other Bearcats and the comedians because, usually, the comedians do a 30-45 minute meet and greet.

“Seeing how they did that at NACA, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring it to Northwest.”

The comedians coming next semester are Sam Comroe, Kiry Shabazz and Kabir Singh.

Comroe is one of Fleharty’s favorite comedians because he stands out from others. He is open about having Tourette’s syndrome and incorporates it into his jokes, making his situation known.

“The cool thing about him was that you may have seen him on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and he placed fourth this year,” Fleharty said. “A comedian has never really placed that high in ‘America’s Got Talent’ or won the show, so he broke a lot of records. It’s pretty cool to bring the fourth place winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’ to Maryville, Missouri.”

SAC has seen a big turnout for their comedy events so far. Schaefer had a considerable turnout even though there were many events going on during the week she came to campus. Even more people came to Campbell’s show for Homecoming Weekend.

“The attendance has just been going up and up and up with all of our events, so we’re really excited about that,” Fleharty said. “We’re really excited to see how much higher it can go.”

SAC has a wide variety of events planned for the Spring semester. SAC President Shyla Kalhoff was sad to hear about the cancellation of the Tohn event, but she believes it won’t affect the attendance of future events.

“I know we can make up for it in the Spring,” Kalhoff said. “Our Spring events are going to be pretty awesome, with comedians and a few classics, along with an amazing Northwest Week, so I don’t think this cancellation set us back at all.”

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