Delta Sigma Phi haunted house

Delta Sigma Phi-Epsilon held a haunted house Oct. 29 - Oct. 31 to raise money to make repairs to their house including new paint, working on the walls and general maintenance.

While Halloween kept the children hyped on sugar and candy, Delta Sigma Phi-Epsilon Lambda took a different route for the spooky holiday.

Every year, Delta Sigma Phi creates its haunted house. In the days leading up to Halloween, Delta Sigma Phi transformed its seemingly normal fraternity house into a dark and trepid haunted asylum. It opened its haunted asylum to the public Oct. 29, Oct. 30 and Oct. 31. The cost to enter was $3 at the Student Union information booth and $4 at the door.

Delta Sigma Phi’s fundraising and philanthropy chair, junior Dillon Gibson, was in charge of setting up the haunted house by finding workers and figuring out the logistics. He said all the proceeds will go toward repairing the fraternity house with new paint, working on the walls and general maintenance since it’s not in the best condition.

“(We want) to put some love into the house,” Gibson said.

To add to the haunted asylum experience, this year the Delta Sigma Phi guys worked hard on a new element. While in previous years Delta Sigma Phi has only done a typical haunted house with a lot of jump scares, the guys wanted to add a storyline to keep the tension high.

Gibson discussed why the fraternity decided to add a storyline.

“Each year we try to find some sort of way to find a flow through the entire house,” Gibson said. “Last year, we really just focused on the scary part of it so we didn’t really have a story. This year, we figured the story was just as scary as the people.”

As people entered the house, they were led through a dark hall that acted as the Delta Sigma Phi forest trail. As they continued further in, the guide realized something was wrong. The basement of the house was the forest, while the first and second floor became the asylum where the real creeps began.

For freshman and new member of Delta Sigma Phi, Eli Weber, this was his first year helping with the D Sig haunted asylum. His scene began on the first floor and was the entrance to the asylum where he played an insane man in a mask who stabbed another person.

Weber said guys were given different rooms and got to choose what they did in each one.

“Well, we found a spooky, static TV type noise, and so we decided that it’d be kind of cool if we did an asylum theme,” Weber said.

For Weber and the three other members, they needed fake blood and a lot of masks to create their scene.

Junior Kelsi Ransom has been participating in D Sig’s haunted house for two years to help support the men of Delta Sigma Phi. She enjoyed the fundraiser a lot and liked the new story they created.

“I enjoyed having an interactive guide,” Ransom said. “Eli was our guide, and he did great being spooky and telling the story behind the forest. I would love for them to keep doing this forever because it’s so much fun and I love seeing them in action. Dillon did an amazing job this year.”

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