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After nights of mindlessly doing busy work because a professor is too lazy to teach me, and days of sitting in classes filled with morbid silence because the professor refuses to teach the concept, I can confidently say I despise the flipped classroom model.

A research study from 2015, published in the CBE - Life Sciences Education Journal, isolates two main phases to learning: “the content attainment phase” and “concept application phase.”

The content attainment phase consists of learning the relevant concepts in the class. In a traditional teaching model, this consists of lectures professors give. In a flipped classroom, this consists of students using provided material at home.

The concept application phase consists of homework after class in a traditional model, or in a flipped model, in-class work after learning the concepts at home.

The goal of the study was to analyze which model was more effective.

In order to accomplish this, two groups of students were set up. The first group followed the traditional teaching method while the second group followed the flipped classroom model.

The results concluded that the order of two education phases is irrelevant. So rather than focusing on the model, professors should strive to foster “active” learning.

As students, we are all still getting used to the new hurdles of adulthood. Sorry, if constant homework assignments become too much, and we complete them without caring whether we learn the concept.

Nothing is more frustrating than an entire class not knowing the answer and the professor saying, “I guess you’ll just have to turn the assignment in without help,” because no student wanted to be patronized while trying.

This results in a classroom full of demoralized students whose focus shifts from learning to if they should drop it or risk losing scholarships.

Professors should strive to foster an atmosphere of active learning, regardless of the teaching model.

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