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College students have to read thousands upon thousands of pages every semester just to stay caught up in various classes A new pilot program has the potential to make this process easier.  

The app Eariously will be coming to the Northwest campus in January and will provide students with a new way to read their various assignments. This app allows users to program an article or website into its search bar and the app will provide an audio reading of the article or website.

Gordon Fischer, a Peace Corps volunteer and teacher was interviewed by the creators of Eariously about his experiences with education and ADHD and how something like Eariously will help students learn.

“Eariously can help anyone learn about the news, and one of the things I'm gonna look forward to is, for example, like while I'm cooking, you can also be learning. While you're commuting, you can be learning,” Fischer said. “Those are the two times I really think I'll be able to use Eariously, and always being able to stay up to date is really important as an educator.”

The Eariously program is currently looking for students to sign up for the January pilot program.

Junior, interactive digital media and visual imaging major Kia Jones, works closely with the Eariously program here at Northwest.

“On the first day of school, Jacquie Lamer invited me onto a conference call with the co-creator, Nick Rimsa,” Jones said. “She found out about Eariously through Twitter and thought I’d be interested in seeing what comes of it.”

The company, which is based in Los Angeles, is in the developing stages and is looking for more information on what college students need. This has resulted in Jones being a student liaison to Eariously and working to bring the program here to Northwest.

“Nick was looking for a student to help give him some insights on the various learning needs of college students when it came to college-level reading assignments,” Jones said. “So we’ve basically been working together on discovering more about those needs here at Northwest.”

Jones believes that this program will be beneficial for all Bearcats and encourages people to try it out and sign up for the pilot program in January.

“This is a really useful tool for students that retain information better by listening. It can also be helpful for lengthy reading and makes it possible to listen to the content anywhere you go,” Jones said. “The software will be available to people on the wait list in January. I’m not sure if we have an exact date yet. There will also be a focus group for students interested in sharing some feedback about what they think of the software and how they can use it.”

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