Wii Sports for Intramural

Sophomores Helen Adair and Scott Schmidt play Wii Baseball at the intramural Wii Sports "Friendzy" Sept. 5 in the Hudson-Perrin Residential Hall.

Sporadic laughter, occasional cheers and Wii remote sound effects rang through the silent lobby on the first floor of the Hudson-Perrin Residential Hall. 

Campus Recreation hosted an intramural Wii Sports “Friendzy” at 6 p.m. Sept. 5. Director of Intramurals Jordan Mehl said it was the first one in about five years. 

“I know they used to have it a while ago because we have the Wii and Wii Sports,” Mehl said. “We’re trying to bring back and give everyone the opportunities (to play).”

It was the first time an intramural activity was hosted inside a residential hall. 

“The main goal is to expose everyone to intramurals,” Mehl said. “The freshmen don’t know much about it or how to sign up. If we move to the students like we are today, it might play a role to attracting more students.”

Freshman Jewelya Griffey, a resident of Hudson-Perrin, heard the event announcement over the intercom while she was in the shower. She quickly finished her shower and joined in with her hair still damp. 

“I grew up on Wii Sports,” Griffey said. “I’ve never played any other video games except for Wii Sports. Tennis is my absolute favorite when I was a kid, so any chance I have to play Wii Tennis again, I’m going to take the opportunity.”

The event was originally planned as a tournament, but having less than six people wasn’t enough to build a bracket. Two players played at a time, and the person who lost the match — either tennis, baseball or bowling -- passed their remote to the next person.

Sophomore Helen Adair won the most games. She was happy to win because her family members usually beat her when they play.

“It was just really chill and really cool,” Adair said. “I liked winning, but I also liked the laughs and talking to people and just getting to know people.”

Playing Wii Sports made sophomore Scott Schmidt feel nostalgic. He estimated the last time he played Wii Sports was six years ago. 

“I thought this looked like fun because I did Wii Sports when I was little,” Schmidt said. 

The event was originally scheduled for 7 p.m. but Mehl decided to move it an hour earlier because of the NFL and Northwest football games. 

“We wanted to move it up to maybe give people a chance to play,” Mehl said. 

Wii Sports was one of the intramurals Mehl considered unique. Others planned for the semester include two-person golf at Mozingo, ultimate frisbee, a Madden NFL 20 tournament, wiffle ball, cricket, extreme dodgeball and spikeball. 

“There’s a lot of events that don’t have a (big turnout), but we have to offer a big variety of things because students might be looking to play that,” Mehl said. “The more students that (have) the opportunity to come out, the better.”

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