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With graduation fast approaching and students being kicked out of their rented homes and apartments  days before the big event, hotels and motels across the Maryville, Missouri, and St. Joseph, Missouri, areas are dreading this wave of torture.

Don’t get me wrong, corporate loves it. They crave the easy money. The rest of us, management, housekeeping, maintenance, laundry etc., do not.

As a housekeeper in a less than swanky motel, allow me to educate on how to make the housekeeper not hate their jobs during this difficult time.

  1. Keep the room clean. Honestly, it’s not very difficult. Even though, as a housekeeper, it’s my job to clean up after disgustingly messy guests, I don’t want to pick up another pair of soggy briefs stuffed behind the toilet. I don’t want to find dirty diapers under the bed. I don’t want to find another room covered in blood and crab meat. I don’t want to find a bong with marijuana still in it, again. The best thing for a housekeeper is to get rooms who just want towel and trash service.

  2. Don’t be rude. I know it seems like common sense, but it’s astounding how many people treat the front desk and housekeeping like human garbage. I can assure that there is no reason or benefit to flinging out racist or sexist rhetoric because I forgot a washcloth. This also goes along with sexual harassment. Yes, I can feel those leering, lingering eyes when I bend over to make the bed. While it’s in my job description to be friendly, it’s not required of me to tolerate feeling like a piece of meat.

  3. Tip. I cannot say it enough, please tip the housekeepers. It doesn’t even have to be money. If a guest checks out and leaves behind unopened food or drinks (alcohol is preferred), we get to take it for ourselves. My favorite tip wasn’t the $20 left by people in town for the Special Olympics. No, my favorite tip was when someone left two unopened four-packs of Seagram’s and an unopened bag of Lay’s Original.

Ultimately, housekeepers don’t get paid enough to deal with guests’ wild rants about “AIDS terrorists” (yes a guest said that to me) and the ungodly amount of condoms left behind after a Tinder hookup. All we ask is a little consideration.

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