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As soon as the calendar turns to the 10th month, people start to get excited. The middle of fall — or if you are pretentious and insufferable, autumn — signifies the beginning of Halloween or, in other words, “spooky szn.”

The end of October allows people to pretend to be someone other than themselves — like most of us don’t do that every day anyway — and enjoy the death of trees and the eradication of our feeble hope of being in a committed relationship by Christmas. I would argue, though, that people neglect to celebrate the beginning of a more important season — soup season.

Soup season is the only time of year when white people are happy their mothers decided to cook with a crockpot. The oft-universal signal of “hey, this meal is about to be flavorless” during most of the year transforms into hopes of potato soup or white chicken chili every time its cylindrical beauty graces the countertop.

Also, soup season allows you to use bread as a vessel for food. There is no more perfect way to spend a chilly October evening than eating a nice, warm bread bowl full of your favorite broth-concoction before consuming the whole bowl and passing out on the couch during Sunday Night Football.

This year, we even have an official TikTok audio to celebrate the season, the phrase “good soup.” The iconic quote comes from everyone’s favorite — is that man really attractive or is he just a tall, fit and talented actor? — Adam Driver. I, at least, will be saying “good soup” religiously when I consume any and every liquidy food for the next four months.

Instead of wasting money on an uncomfortable costume that won’t look good at whatever dingy Halloween party you go to, use the money to buy soup. Because unlike the number of likes your “spooky szn” post gets on Instagram, a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup might actually satisfy you.

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