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I know lots of students are stressed at the thought of going back home after just a few weeks. Thankfully, there are many social distancing steps Northwest is taking to make sure that we all get the in-person education that we already paid for.

But there are two sides to every coin. I get, I get it. You want the “college experience.” You want “in-person classes.” You want “to learn.” Whatever.

I, for one, have been doing everything in my power to ensure another straight-A semester. For that to be the case, Northwest has to convert fully into Zoom University by Sept. 4.

Spring 2019’s early wrap-up made the rest of my semester’s coursework cake, and my GPA reaped the benefits. For the same thing to happen this time around, it’s going to take a concerted effort from the brave few ’rona advocates among us. The good news is, as of now, the undefeated coronavirus has at least a 160-something case lead against the University, and the number is growing daily.

Catch me at The Pub every Tuesday night, Corona Extra in hand and mask in pocket, making as many new friends as possible. I’ll also be attending as many parties that are thrown, obviously to maximize my contacts per day. It doesn’t have to be just me though, many of our fraternities have been ahead of the game on this for weeks.

If you would also like the easiest term imaginable, don’t be shy. Attend large gatherings, always dap up your friends, cut air slits into your mask and never answer your phone when the health department calls.

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