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In today’s world children become adults on a timeline. The first milestone is a driver's license at 16. The federal government says you are an adult at 18, and a bartender says it’s 21. Some think you are not an adult until you pay rent or other payments. I believe you are an adult when you get pissed off when you go to the grocery store.  

There is one big reason why adults get angry at the grocery store: Walking in and seeing the store completely rearranged. I have a system, a specific route that I take, and even though I have nothing better to do than walk aimlessly through Walmart in this town, I would still like to get out in a reasonable time.  

There are also specific items at the store that I hate putting in my cart. Trash bags make the top of the list. The idea of buying something just to put trash in and then having that expensive piece of plastic then end up out of my apartment a week later infuriates me. 

I also hate buying toilet paper. This is because you really don’t have an option when you look at the shelf despite it taking up a whole aisle. All of the talk about double-ply, triple-packed, super soft, biodegradable toilet paper is overwhelming, and in the end you don’t have a choice because you end up buying the expensive name-brand crap paper, or you pay the consequences later.

This does not even cover the frustration of seeing the cost of milk, butter and bacon. All three are the foundation of the American diet.

This is when you have become an adult. It's not based one of a number or when you can drink in public. It is when you get angry about a slight inconvenience and spend too much money on things you know should not cost that much.  

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