The Final Case Pic

This is a continuation of a piece we ran last year, The Final Case

“Where is everyone? Is anyone here? Come out, come out wherever you are!” I yelled all over the town until I didn’t have much of a voice left. As I kept walking I found a house with the front door wide open. I pulled my Colt M1911 out of my shoulder holster then proceeded with extreme caution into the nice looking farmhouse. The walls were covered with pictures of smiling families that dated back at least fifty years. The dining room table looked like it had been set for dinner and nobody came to eat it; all of the food was there covered in wild growing green mold. The house seemed empty until I heard a voice that I recognized.

       “HELP!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Mackenzie. I knew I had to find her and make sure she was safe. I ran up the stairs towards her voice, but she stopped screaming. I started to think the worst when I saw a shadow at the end of the hallway. Creeping my way down the hallway and trying not to step on a creaking floorboard, because I didn’t want to give myself away. I turned into the bedroom to find it empty with the exception of a DeIver mirror on the wall and a giant pile of shoes. The shoes, ranged in styles from the last fifty years or so. I then found Mackenzie all tied up in the corner of the room. I rushed over to untie her and when I freed her, she gave me a giant hug.

       “My hero!!” giggled Mackenzie as she turned to leave she just kept staring at me. When I turned to look at the shoes I heard the door slam and I saw Mackenzie just standing there. Only problem was that this was not Mackenzie. While it looked like her, this person was covered in a shroud of black that was darker than night.

       “Mackenzie what is wrong?” I ask as I walk towards her with concern. She didn’t say anything and just kept staring at me. As I looked at her, I noticed something had changed in her eyes. The eyes I had noticed from our first meeting were no longer blue; they were red like fresh flowing blood. As I turned around I caught a glimpse of myself in the DeIver mirror, all I could see was the dark brown of my hair and vibrant green eyes that I had always been told looked like a chameleon. As I took in the full reflection of myself, Mackenzie started to laugh behind me.

       “Thank you for looking into my mirror now I can keep you with me forever!” Mackenzie said with a very deep demonic voice. I then started to feel faint and as I started to fall down, I hit my head on the DeIver mirror. It came crashing to the ground and shattered. When I looked up Mackenzie was starting to shake more than a tree during a windstorm. Then the house started to shake like a baby’s rattle. I watched in complete horror as she started to disperse. I could not think of a way to describe the terror in Mackenzie’s eyes as she started to fade.

       “NO!!!” screamed Mackenzie as she disappeared from reality. I looked around and I realized that it was finally over. As I got up I grabbed my gun and put it back in my holster, then I left Cedar Valley without any hesitation, never to return again. A few weeks later I was perusing the Lincoln Star Journal and found a new story, “Local town is back in business!!!!” It seems that when I destroyed the mirror all of the victims were freed from wherever they were. As I put the paper down I had a new adventure walking in the door.

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