Voice of Linda Belcher on "Bob's Burgers" visits Northwest

John Roberts, voice of Linda Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers,” visited Northwest Nov. 13, speaking to students about the importance of perseverance in achieving their dreams.

Students braved the cold weather to see the comedic performance of a well-known voice actor.

The comedian, writer, actor and voice actor John Roberts, best-known as the voice of Linda Belcher from the animated comedy series “Bob’s Burgers,” portrayed a multitude of characters he established through YouTube and throughout his professional career Nov. 13 in the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts.

With each new comedy skit and re-creation of his YouTube skits, came more laughs.

Senior Jocelyn Contreras came to the see Roberts after binge-watching the newest season of “Bob’s Burgers.”

“He showed us the character he created that inspired Linda from the show, and it was hilarious,” Contreras said. “He showed us a YouTube video from when he started the comedy stuff, and he would dress up as a character he said resembled his mom. He’d put on a wig and everything. The creator of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ loved it so much that he immediately cast him and his character as Linda. That was super cool to hear and see how it all started.”

Through his YouTube skits, Roberts was able to land a role that would really start his voice acting and writing career. He talked a bit about his career and when he got into it.

“Fortunately for me, I didn’t really become successful until I was 40, so before that, there was a lot of banging my head against the wall and things like that, although I knew it was good just trying to break in and turn it into a paycheck,” Roberts said. “Yeah, that was the hard part.”

Roberts also talked about how he really knew who he was in high school and gave a bit of advice for those struggling.

“I always just performed because that’s what made me happy and it came naturally to me, but I was introverted,” Roberts said. “Like up until high school, I was very quiet, and now I can’t shut up. It’s a struggle once you have a good show to keep it up and do more shows as opposed to doing a show and not doing anything for a while. Performing is something like a muscle. You have to do it over and over again to get really good at it.”

For Roberts, his practice and ability to stay true to himself through his comedy really paid off as he has quite a fan base.

As one of those fans, Contreras was excited to get to see him but even more so when she realized she was going to get to talk to him in a meet and greet after stopping by an info table in the Union.

“I told the girl working it (the table) that I was super excited to see him (Roberts) and that I was binge-watching the newest season,” Contreras said. “So she asked what I would do if I got to meet him and I said, ‘Get a video of him speaking as Linda.’ So she said today was my lucky day and gave me a pass.”

With this being Student Activities Council TJ Johnson’s last major event in the Director of Lecture position, the committee members really stepped up and helped plan and promote the event. They created advertisements, set up the info booths and tried getting the word out about Roberts’ performance.

In the beginning, Johnson almost didn’t even bring Roberts’ to campus due to the busy schedule.

“John Roberts’ agent ended up calling me here and I wasn’t really interested because I thought we had already had our whole schedule booked,” Johnson said. “He told me who he was able to bring, which was Matt Roloff or John Roberts.”

Instead of deciding which person Johnson wanted, he allowed the students to vote in a Twitter poll between Roloff, who was in TLC’s reality show “Little People, Big World,” or Roberts for a whole week. He said Roberts won by a landslide.

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