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I’ve noticed people on campus not following one particular safety guideline. No, I’m not talking about the athletes that can run for days at practice but can’t be bothered to pull their masks over their noses. I’m also not talking about that one guy that ignores his assigned seat in class and sits right next to you; he just wants to make sure you can hear his breath. I’m talking about those of you that ignore the arrows.

As if you couldn’t tell by the blatant racism, high price for college education and poor health care, we are in the U.S. That means when we drive, we drive on the right side of the road — you know, the one named after being correct.

This idea of traveling on the opposite of the left side extends to walking as well. In a hallway, you are supposed to walk on the right side. I say the previous sentence because some of you still don’t understand it. Maybe go back and read it again.

Since the beginning of the virus, every place from Walmart to B.D. Owens Library have put helpful arrows on the floor for the uber-intelligent individuals to understand which side to walk on. Walking to one side is supposed to help reduce person-to-person contact and is also just common sense.

This isn’t a skill you need for just the pandemic; it’s one that will help you in life. If you are able to walk on the right side, it will show everyone from future employers to strangers on the street that you aren’t a complete and utter buffoon.

So, maybe get some quality practice and try following the simple instructions on the colorful arrows. Who knows, you might figure out how to wash your hands next. 

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