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We’ve all walked out of the Union, ice cream in hand, chatting it up with friends as we head to the parking lot. It’s sunny, the birds are chirping the songs of angels, and everything is as beautiful as it’s ever been. 

Approaching our car in the parking lot, we notice the piece of paper stuck under our wiper blade. Yes, I know there's an elementary school and parents want to pick up their kids, blah blah blah. You need to understand that the walk from the residence halls to the Union for most of us is a trek and a half. 

So, we drive, as the rest of us would do in that situation. There never seems to be a good time to park in the Union parking lot, as tickets are given out in mass amounts anytime of the day. The neon-vest-wearing students swarm the Union parking lot like bees on honey. 

There’s almost a guarantee of a parking ticket in the Union lot as we, the students, can never seem to find the schedule for parking in the lot. Yeah, there’s signs posted everywhere, but who has time to read those while dodging the freshmen walking through the awkward crosswalk by South Complex?

We Union commuters want an open place to park anytime of the day. We aren’t asking for the complete takeover of the parking lot, just enough spots to save a long walk from the dorms to the Union. Is that too much to ask?

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