Cannibal: The Musical

Local high school students prepare to sing a song from “Cannibal: The Musical” on Monday. Cannibal opens at the The Rose Theater tonight.

Nodaway Community Theater Company is debuting their production of “Cannibal The Musical,” originally written and produced by Trey Parker, creator of the cartoon comedy series, “South Park,” this evening at The Rose Theater, located on the corner of Third and Buchanan streets.  The production is unlike anything else Director Scott Lance and Assistant Director Sarah Ware have put on at The Rose, given the mature dialog in the scenes. The play has been nearly six months in the making from an offhanded suggestion from Lance to a full production. The two sat down with “The Missourian” to talk about the challenges they faced during this particular production: 

MISSOURIAN: How did the audition process go with filling so many roles? 

WARE: We have to get very creative this time.  You’ll see we have one person playing five different characters, which works to our advantage on the humor side, but it was very challenging to work with.  

LANCE:  Once they open their mouth, they just fit into characters. I think we placed them well.  


MISSOURIAN: Your cast is energetic and young; how is it working with them? 

WARE:  Most of them, if not all of them, are already good friends at school.  It takes a good deal of patience at times, but we try to have the attitude that we’re doing an adult play, so we’re going to treat them like adults.  For the most part, it’s worked…reasonably well.  


MISSOURIAN: How are you expecting the community to react to the racy humor? 

LANCE:  We had to make changes to the script and tone it down in ways.  We tried to keep the humor there without destroying the original product.  

WARE:  It would be an injustice to take it too far down.  

LANCE: We hope there can be a nice balance, and it can be accepted from everyone.  


MISSOURIAN:  It’s the first musical done at The Rose; what’s that been like? 

WARE: I think that Scott’s really brave for taking on a musical.  It’s been great with this group of kids.    

LANCE: I’m glad it was this musical that was taken on first. 


MISSOURIAN: So, coming into opening night, what has been the best part of directing this group? 

WARE:  Seeing them be able to come into their character and being able to see them click on stage, watching them embrace the characters that they are.  It was great to work on their actual acting.  


MISSOURIAN: Do you ever ask yourself if you’re in over your head at all? 

LANCE:  There’s always those nights.  Earlier this week I was finally able to say it’s going to be a show.  I’m proud of how far they’ve come, and I’m ready and they’re ready.  

WARE:  They’ve done a really good job.  

See this week's print edition for character biographies and more information.  

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