With all of the construction happening on campus, it has become harder and harder to get a decent parking space. This has led to people parking in the handicapped spots or using it as a loading and unloading area even though they do not have any handicapped placards or license plates.

This is not an okay thing to do. These spaces were designated for people who are unable to walk the distance from the regular parking spaces to the entrances of these buildings. These spaces are reserved for a reason and just because no one is using them at one moment does not give you the right to park there.

What would happen if someone needed to park there and you are just sitting there waiting to pick up a friend? You are preventing a person access to a building that they need to go into to carry out their day to day business.

For those of you parking in those spots when you should not be there, you truly are lazy. It is an extra twenty feet to walk from the normal parking spots to the door. If it is too big of an inconvenience for you to park there, carpool with your friends or walk to campus instead of driving.

These spots are saved for a reason, and some people are just flat out ignoring it. While it may be tempting to park there and save yourself some time, it is causing more issues than you may realize. That one spot being taken by someone who does not need it prevents others from parking in that spot and raises the risk of you receiving a ticket from University Police.

Do the right thing and leave those spots open for the people who actually need them. This is the whole reason those parking spots were created.  

It is nothing more than a matter of being aware of the people around you and respecting the people who need those spots so they can get inside easier than walking from the normal spots to the building.

So in the future, do the right thing and leave those spots available for those who need them.

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