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I like to think I’m a simple man. Slave away during the week in classes and sleep three hours a night in between those. But when it comes to the weekend, sports are like a crack pipe for me; I just can’t get enough.

But what really irks me is when games just aren’t interesting enough to watch. I mean c’mon, if another football game comes down to another chip-in field goal that wins the game 10-7, I’m gonna lose it.

I think it’s time that athletes are forced to give the best performance that scientists can engineer. I don’t mean like robotic legs and stuff; I mean steroids.

Think about it, who doesn’t want to see LeBron James literally fly from the 3-point line, do a front-flip, and shatter the backboard like it’s peanut brittle on Christmas? Now that is something I can look forward to on the weekends.

Just a quick shot in the locker room before warm-ups, and we will have record-breaking games on a weekly basis.

This doesn’t have to be limited to your big name sports like football and basketball. Imagine watching golfers drive a golf ball 600 yards or volleyball players having to wear helmets because spiking the ball could lead to death.

Every sport you like to watch would be so intense that you wouldn’t want to miss a single second of it.

And yes, there would be a lot of health issues with it. But if no one cares about football players getting chronic brain injuries for over a century, why suddenly care about their health now when it gets interesting?

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