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The Student Activities Council presented its annual cosmic bowling event to students in conjunction with the local bowling alley Bearcat Lanes Nov. 1.

This event was free to all students and served as a deterrent to getting drunk on a weeknight and a source of entertainment that was not part of the typical studying or attending organization meetings.

The event had nearly 200 students in attendance and was one of the most popular events thus far in the SAC calendar.

Sophomore and video production major Destiny Adams was one of the event planners for this SAC event. She felt that the event was a great break from the mundane part of the week.

“This event is a great way to unwind, especially in the middle of the week and it is open later in the evening than most things that are available on campus,” Adams said. “The later time frame is more appealing to students and it is a great break from the regular part of the school week.”

Junior business management and marketing major Michael Haman attended cosmic bowling for the second time.

“I had a great time going to this event last year and I knew the moment it was announced that my friends and I would be going,” Haman said. “It is a great event to get away from the stress of classes and just have a great time hanging out with my friends.”

The event had a line extending out the door  more than half an hour before the event started. Adams knew that the event typically had a large turnout of students.

“In the past this event has had anywhere from 300 to 500 students in attendance and it has served as a medium for students to connect,” Adams said. “Students are helping students have fun and are also helping others have a fun time and show them that SAC can create those types of events for our student population.”

Trenton Pentecost, a junior corporate recreation and wellness major, was glad to attend an event that took place in the evening.

“An event like this is a great alternative for anyone that typically would spend any other night going to Molly’s or Burnys and go drinking,” Pentecost said. “It is also late enough that people can leave their homework and go and do something to relax.”

While the event is paid for by student fees, the event was free to attend and provided a better option to students wanting to do something on a weeknight that had a true meaning of friendship and fun during the school week.

Pentecost planned on taking advantage of the free bowling and having a great time with their friends.

“It is great staying the whole time and especially when you are not directly paying for the shoes and the lanes, it is still a lot of fun,” Pentecost said. “It is a lot cheaper to go to events like this instead of going to the bars and getting wasted on a Thursday.”

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