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Curly, seemingly unkempt hair, patchy facial hair and face tattoos. This may not seem like the recipe for arguably the most popular man in the music industry, but it is.

Post Malone has been dominating the music industry as of late with his third album Hollywood Bleeding opening up at the top of the Spotify streaming charts and dominating the airwaves. Malone has released three studio albums to date, all smashing successes with breakout singles such as White Iverson, Rockstar and Sunflower. There are a few reasons why this man has not only dominated rap but also the latter part of this decade. 

Malone is one of the most famous faces in rap today, despite saying negative things about the genre to the press

If you’re looking for lyrics, if you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life, don’t listen to hip-hop,” said Malone in an interview for 2017.

He has a point.

Most songs have a good beat with little to no meaning in the words and some of Malone’s songs fit into this category too, but what separates him is his willingness to experiment with other genres and not stick to one formula.

Malone is not just a rapper; he wants to be referred to as a musician. He told GQ that he doesn’t understand why people would tie themselves down to just one genre of music. Malone blends popular trends in today’s music with his own personal flair to get songs like “Take What You Want,” which has features from both current mainstream rapper Travis Scott and heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne.

An endearing video of a teenage Malone covering Bob Dylan in an American flag shirt says a lot about him as an artist. Malone has the versatility that many artists don’t have or don’t use in their songs, and this sets him apart. 

Malone checks off the normal boxes for rap music with songs like “Wow” and “Rockstar” but is just as likely to drop more melodic soulful songs like “Feeling Whitney” or “Stay.” Malone is also talented in singing as well as playing the guitar which allows him to readily switch up genres.

Along with the genre-bending style, the everyman persona has led to Malone’s immense popularity. Malone has his own line of crocs which are currently sold out. Malone has his face on a Bud Light can. He taught himself to play guitar because of his obsession with Guitar Hero, according to the man himself in an interview on Snoop Dogg's web show Double G News.

Malone doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t. He is a goofy guy that jokes around with himself and others, loves to play video games and shoot guns on his ranch. Malone is infectiously himself and it allows people to easily relate to him and his music because he is the same person in his songs as he is in interviews.

Currently sitting at fourth in the world with nearly 60 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Malone has taken what could have easily been a flash in the pan rap single to music dominance, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

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