2011 Colden Pond Plunge

Emergency technicians watch as Pat Laky jumps into Colden Pond last year.

Every student is given four (give or take…) years to live it up on campus. How will you make the most of your time? Here are a few bucket list-worthy suggestions from us to you:

Take a dip in Colden Pond:

Strip down and see how many goalposts there are at the bottom of the pond. It’s like being baptized, the Bearcat way.

Start a campus-wide snowball fight:

Why not skip class on a snowy day and start a powdery free-for-all across campus? Even try and take out that professor that failed you freshman year.

Start a game of prank wars:

Get together with some friends and see who can out do each other with the best pranks. For starters, steal your roommate’s car while he is asleep and park it underneath the bell tower. This is a great way to kick off a classic prank war.

The 50-yard line:

Leave your mark on Bearcat Stadium, grab a boy or girl of your fancy and "Make it Nasty" at the center of the field. Students talks about it, but it takes a true Bearcat to go through with it.

Spend the night in the library:

Duck out at closing and run the library for a night. Be as loud as you want on the third floor.

Find the tunnels:

Many know about the tunnels that run underneath the campus, but few have investigated. Get dirty and see if there is any good treasure buried under campus.

Go streaking at a football game:

Test how in shape our University police really are by running across the field during a game with nothing but your birthday suit on.

Throw a party on the roof of a high rise:

Go down as the legend who threw Northwest’s only penthouse party.

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